CrossFit Caerphilly Own 2016 Open in teenage males division

More teenagers  in the UK took part in the CrossFit Games Open than ever, 105 boys in the age groups 14-15 and 16-17, up from 87 in 2015. An impressive 60% of competitors in the older age group took on and completed The Open as prescribed.

Twenty-four of athletes that completed The Open were returning for a second year. Eleven of those aged up from the younger category, and nine of these completed all the workouts as prescribed. Jack Watson, of CrossFit Jacana, aged up, having topped the rankings in the lower age group in 2015, to land third position overall in the UK.

Watson finished third behind a two competitors from CrossFit Caerphilly, Mikey Farmer and the overall first place finisher in the UK, Jacob McCarthy. You have to ask what Caerphilly are doing with their youth programme, five of the 21 athletes on their affiliate roster in 2016 are 20 or under.

The UK’s fittest teenager, McCarthy didn’t finish outside the top three UK athletes in any week of the Open. McCarthy’s efforts secured him a fourth spot in the European region, and 47th worldwide. McCarthy’s top finish worldwide was 22nd place in week 5, completing the vicious burpee and thruster ladder in 11’06”.

McCarthy looks like he has a bright future in the sport, his performances as a 16 year-old would have landed him 223 position in the UK in the men’s division. McCarthy of course has another year of skill and fitness development to go before he competes in The Open against senior men, whose competitive years in the sport might, by then, be fewer than McCarthy’s own.


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