Sophie Clemens hits worldwide top 50 in CrossFit U17 Online Qualifier

The UK’s fittest teenaweights-1634747_1920ge female, CrossFit Exe athlete Sophie Clemens, finished 45th in the world in the CrossFit Games online qualifier for the 16/17 age group, having finished the open in 41st place worldwide.

The online qualifiers are a more gruesome form of the open; with instead of one workout a week over five weeks, athletes getting hit with four to be completed in any order in just four days. The demands of the online qualifier introduce would be games athletes to the challenge of performing repeatedly when under fatigue.

Earlier in the season Clemens topped out the open in the UK with just five points – meaning she came first in the UK on every one of the work outs. There must be something in the water down in Devon, just around the Exe box, because the second highest Brit in this age group was Cery Jones, also of CrossFit Exe.

In the European region, Clemens managed third, and Jones 10th. Filippa Ferm of CrossFit Malmo won the Europe region, and qualified for the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, third overall.


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